Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Pregnancy and Rhogam Shots

  The other day I took three different pregnancy tests and it came out positive.  So, unless they are wrong I guess that would make me pregnant.  I know my body very, very well so I knew right away when I became pregnant. I'm super, duper, duper, duper excited!  Wow!  I pray I'd be a better supermom to be an amazing mom to these kids but till then I'll just keep trying my best. 

Okay, so I also am in fear right now.  I always have to get that Rhogam shot because my husband is O+ blood type and I am B-.  I've had to have this shot every year since I became pregnant with my firstborn 14 years ago.  When I became pregnant with my last baby, I had to go to the hospital very early on in the pregnancy for cramping.  They actually were expecting a miscarriage.  I then told them that I hadn't had my Rhogam shot yet.  They hadn't even thought about asking me.  Kinda makes me wonder if some miscarriages can be prevented because some don't know about the blood type issues.  Within 10 minutes of getting that shot all contractions stopped and I went home. My body was trying to reject my baby.  Yeah, I'm nervous because I need to purchase that shot asap and it's around $200. Currently looking where to go without having to go to my pregnancy specialist who charges a ton for it. She even told me not to get it from her because it's way more expensive.  I found the shot at it's cheapest at the worst place ever.  If I'd be willing to go to an abortion clinic then I could only pay $40 for that shot. Sorry, I don't think so. I'd rather pay $500 than go to them and fund them any money. 

Anyway, I guess I'll find out for sure if I'm pregnant later but I'm pretty sure I am.  Uterus is achy just like every other time I'm pregnant.  But that's also a sign I need that shot asap.  I love my babies with all my heart.

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