Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Kids Talking To God

Lately the kids have all been talking about more children in the house.  They are not getting it from me.  Last night as I was having a bible study with the kids I told them that mommy wasn't going to have anymore babies probably.  At least not for awhile if anything.  As soon as I said that, and I kid you not, my kids got on the floor and started praying that God would give me another baby NOW.  They were fervently praying!  I sighed and said "Okay guys, lets continue with our bible study."  This is not the first time.  This is almost a daily basis.  I'm just wondering what God is thinking in the whole matter. I've talked to God about this.  I want time with the ones I have for awhile.  A good gap if I were to have another in the future.  I've talked plenty with Him on this subject.  However, if the kids are praying daily about it too and they are praying for more, I wonder what God is thinking about all this?  Either He's getting a chuckle out of all this or He could possibly take the kids' side.  After all, who in the bible ever prayed for God to dry up their womb?  Here is another scenario just two days ago...

Ivy- Mom, we need another baby girl.  I need three girls in my bedroom

Me- Oh, Ivy, we're probably not having anymore for a long time.

Ivy- That's okay, Mom.  I've already talked to God and He told me we're gonna have another one. 

She was so matter of fact about it!  Such faith a child has.  She didn't even blink when she told me and just went on playing.  This is what's been discussed at my house lately amongst the kids!  They've been praying an awful lot about this. 
This pic above was such a funny night.  This Transformer mask makes your voice also sound like them when you talk.  So Caleb was talking his baby talk but in a Transformer voice.  It was so funny that we were laughing and laughing! Caleb was smiling behind the mask and the more he talked the harder we were laughing. 
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