Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sick Babies During Revival

Sunday night I went outreaching after church with just my family so we could invite people to revival. A few of the people I talked to said they would like to come and asked if I'd be there too. I said "Of course!" That night after we went home, my son Caleb broke out in a fever and Ashley wasn't feeling very good.  Oh no!  So I couldn't go to revival Monday night and then I found out later that several visitors came and even went to the alter but I didn't get to see if it was the people I invited or not.  :( 
So, Tuesday night I had duty for nursery and I didn't want to have to cancel and make them find someone last minute. My mom offered to keep Caleb with her. So we finally make it and I head down to nursery right on time.  As I'm sitting in my chair, the nursery leader assistant comes to talk to me.  She's incredibly sweet so she says this very nicely.  "Virginia, next time you are gonna miss, can you call us in advance so we can find a worker?"  I looked at her like "Huh?  I'm here!"  I asked her "Why, did I do that last month or something?"  She said, "No, last night."  I looked at her blankly and then I said, "Last night was my night???"  Ohhhhhh, how embarrassing.  I can be such a goof sometimes!  She said, "It's okay!  We needed someone tonight anyway" and so I ended up filling in for someone. 

So, Wednesday night I wanted to go again and so my mom offered again to keep Caleb. ((Hugs)) Awesome mom! So this time I got to sit in service. He talked some about forgiveness. Forgiving your family. Stuff like that. He shared some stories about when he was a Pit Fighter and how hating his father is what fueled that anger in him. Tonight is the last night and I have to sing on platform so I'm gonna try and make it again! He's gonna share his testimony again and so this time I hope to film it and put it on Youtube in hopes it will reach someone that needs it. It's been a busy week but so worth it!


Bonnie said...

That sounds about like my life lately. It would help if I were twins and could be in two places at once. Hope Caleb is feeling better!

Chris H said...

I hope the babes are well on the way to being better. Love the photos.

Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

That is so funny! Well, you made up for missing anyway. :)