Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Hating Your Brother

Forgive me or maybe not for talking so much about revival this week. I've been learning so much. Sunday's sermon was about Hating Your Brother. I have thought a lot about how the bible says that hating your brother is the same as murder. How much weight does that hold? Well, as we can see in the world, it really does play out. What about in my world? Well, I've been guilty of it. I've been guilty of bitterness, anger, hatred towards those that have hurt me. To the point that if I even saw their picture I would instantly be upset. After hearing this sermon, especially the story that I filmed for you at the bottom of this post, I went to the alter to repent. No wonder I wasn't doing well in my spiritual walk with Christ. I was holding on to so much baggage that I was so weary. Where was my joy? My peace? I prayed and listed names of people to forgive. Then I wrote them letters. Telling them how much I loved them. Cared for their souls. One in particular I especially felt I wrong about. No matter how hurt I was, I should have kept my hurt to myself and prayed for her instead. Now after writing her and asking for her forgiveness, healing began for both of us. Now I look forward to her letters of friendship that we are writing. :) What good does hatred do? By hating someone, could we possibly be a stumbling block to them? What kind of example of a Christian am I being to them? Because of hatred, might they possibly turn their back on God because of poor exampleship on my part? I don't want to be guilty of that. In that sense, I can perfectly see why hatred can be murder. God help me if I have ever been a stumbling block to others because of immaturity on my part. Or because of pride. (This video has to really be turned up to hear. It's just a short story but very powerful).


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed looking over your blog
God bless you

Tiffany said...

Yes, Virginia...YOU ROCK! Thank you for the email it been has great writing you and getting to know you and I'm surprised how much we have in common! After everything can you believe we could end up being friends? :) We both know how protective we are of our friends so you better be sure you want to be in my circle...it's like the mafia girl ;) once your in your in for life! Thanks again! xoxoxo

Virginia Revoir said...

Hi Tiffany! Yeah, Tiffany and I are a miracle. If we could become friends through what we went through with each other, there is hope for America. Haha. :D Tiffany, you need to be a blogger! I would love to follow it if you ever do. Glad we are friends. I truly mean it. Hugs.