Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Sunday Rest

Sunday is always such a beautiful day and of course always spent in God's house.  :)  In between church we love to have picnics and play at the park.  At least that's one of our favorites.  Usually my kids' buddies like to come along too so this day we took twins. 

"Okay, which one of you is Isaac and which one Isaias?" 

I'm always asking that question.  They are identical. Both really, really great boys and they get along great with my kids.  They are usually at our house or our kids are at theirs.  I'm so proud of my kids really getting out and making some friends.  At their last school, my kids made some less than desirable friends and they picked up on some bad things.  Being that they're homeschooled, then tend to just have kids from church.  Now that I have six kids, what's a few more on a Sunday afternoon???  LOL.  How do you guys like to spend your Sundays?

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