Friday, February 26, 2010

Counting Calories and Hitting the Gym

I'm getting my chickens again this weekend!  Hallelujah!  I have missed those little guys walking around and pecking the ground.  I sold them originally because I did not miss finding another one headless every morning.  A neighborhood cat discovered the nice buffet in my backyard and started inviting the other cats over for a fellowship.  I don't know where my lazy Great Dane was at the time but he didn't do his job. Now that I have another Great Dane, she acts more tough.  So this weekend I'll be getting my good egg layers back.  Not all 30 of them.  Just 3 of them. 

I was doing great counting my calories this week.  I eat about 1200-1300 a day but today I'm sure I had 2500!  Yikes!  It was bible study tonight.  Sigh.  Couldn't help.  Or maybe I could have.  Darn it.  I need to hit the gym again tomorrow.  So far I only go 3 times a week and that is just not good enough.  Also, I had the trainers set the weights for me and they were totally wimpy!  What is up with that????  So I reset them all for 20 pounds more than what they were and finally I got a good workout.  I mean, I was doing their idea of a workout for awhile and it was so wimpy I was never sore.  Not once bit.  I like to be sore the next day. Before, I felt nothing at all and I saw no results.  Seriously, I'm not a little old decrepit lady.  I love the gym.  I could stay there and work out for 4 hours and be totally happy.  I just don't have that time.  Who does?? Oh yeah.  When I was single I just loved hanging out a the gym and working out all day.  Can't do that anymore.  Childwatch is for only 2 hours a day and so I can't keep working out.  When I check them in, I always rush right to the locker, lock up my stuff, and get into the gym asap.  Two hours is too little.  Need to be there every day so that's frustrating.  Why did my metabolism have to change when I turned 30???  Why??  It's not like it's much to lose but you know how when you have a baby you just have the extra weight that hangs around afterward?  Mine just loves me a ton because it doesn't want to go anywhere.  Why would it want to?  I was givin all sorts of gifts to it like yummy snacks and stuff.  So I chucked the bad eating out the window and work out but it is still really slow going.  Argh.  Patience, Virginia, patience. 

It's really hard to eat well when I'm on the road and I can't go home to cook for myself but if I HAVE to pull in somewhere to eat, I have this book for that purpose.  It helps me to find a more sensible solution.  It's actually fun just flipping through the book  "What?!!!  That shake is 700 calories?? Holy cow!!!"  I was saying this so loud in McDonalds that this poor guy was looking at me while eating his sandwhich.  He started looking really guilty.  Finally I said "Oh, I'm sorry.  Not trying to ruin your dinner.  I was just thinking aloud."  He said, "Can you tell me how much my McDouble is in calories."  LOL.  I'm sure the McDonald's staff really appreciated me going through the whole nutrition list and contantly going "Holy cow!" the whole time.  You know what I finally settled for?  A cheeseburger happy meal for myself.  All the portions were smaller.  Don't worry.  I gave the toy to my child.

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