Monday, March 01, 2010

Swat Trucks

We are big suckers for events that happen in the valley.  This one was at a museum opening after redoing the place.  We went to it before and it was really dark and gloomy.  They got smart and made it more family friendly with tons of interactive stuff.  I love history and so we're so happy they redid the place where I could bring my little ones and they can appreciate it too.  Out front they had a swat truck and my kids were checking it out on the inside.  My son went digging and found some bullet shells.  They swat guys ended up having to leave because a kid picked up a heavy tool used for breaking into places and it was dropped on his foot.  Luckily, we got there just in time for the kids to check it out before they left. 
That's Kyle in the window of the truck. 

So, we ended up running into friends, which included Ryan's best friend Georgie!  It was neat to be able to hang out in museum with our friends from church and talk.  Since I have so many great pics I want to show, I put them in a slide show at top of blog.  Such fun!


Daddy Forever said...

My goofy son would also want to try out a gun. He's wacky that way.

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