Monday, March 08, 2010

Skating Party

Chaz found a friend and he got invited to a birthday party at a skating rink. Yay! Of course we all came along. I came for 3 reasons. You can burn 700-1500 calories within one session of skating. Also, to meet Dexter's mom who I found out that we have tons in common with each other! Also for Chaz being that we he finally does find a friend, we'll do anything to promote that friendship and let them play together.

It's pretty freaky actually when your little kids are out on the rink and there are kids flying past them. I thought, "of all places, this would be the place for kids to wear helmets and such because something can easily happen." I even saw moms on the floor throwing tantrums because a little kid fell in front of them and it made them have to slow down. They would be flailing all their limbs and screaming. It wasn't the moms that were skating with their kids. It was the ones that were there to look cool while dancing and their "cool skating dance" got ruined by a little kid toppling over while skating. I thought that was pure silliness being its a family friendly place. I've heard of these types of moms. You know like "hockey moms" and "soccer moms"? Yikes.
I had so much fun skating out there with my kids that I didn't even think of eating any food even though we were there for hours.  Family night is every Monday and being that you can burn so many calories just having fun with your kids, we might replace some of our workouts by going there once a month instead of the gym.  The pic is of Chaz below in the black shirt (blonde hair) with his friend Dexter.


momto9 said...

I love family time and burning calories this way is a whole lot more fun:)
PS: you're pretty!

Chris H said...

What fun! I used to love skating... now I'm too scared I will fall on me bum!