Thursday, March 18, 2010

Whatever Works

Have I ever said before how much I love Flylady?  I'm sure I have!  It's past midnight and I'm finally laying down.  Sometimes I just find it easier to clean at night once the kids are in bed.  A couple of weeks ago I had completely emptied out my kitchen, cleaned out the cupboards, donated duplicates of stuff, and then I've been working on putting it all back.  It was much, much needed.  :D  Well, tomorrow, I'll be cleaning out my last cupboard and putting back all my recipe books in it.  Phew.  I'll be DONE with the kitchen.  So far I've decluttered the girls' room, boys' room, and now the kitchen.  Big grin here!  I'm tired though!   With the younger ones in bed, I actually tried homeschooling the older ones in the early evening the last few nights.  I actually really like it and so do the boys.  It's quiet, which never happens here, and there is way less distractions.  While I'm homeschooling the kids, a younger one will fly by in a cape and the other kids just stare and drool because they want to play too.  So, it's been working nice for me.  Also, when I do some straightening up at night or some much needed sanitizing, it frees up my days to play with my kids more and spend more time with them.  I'm really liking it.  :D  Big, big grin here!  Whoo hoo! 

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momto9 said...

I know what you mean...that's so cool that you are finding what works for you!