Friday, March 26, 2010

I Love Deals!

Wow, so I'm having so much fun lately finding ways to earn money online and earn gift cards.  One of my favorite is through Swagbucks.  No joke!  I just started 4 days ago and I've already earned myself a $15 gift card for Amazon and, obviously as you can see by the books on my sidebar, I love ordering on Amazon.  Either that or I can get myself a Starbucks card.  There are others of course to choose from.  I'd rather use the Amazon one though because I always have a wish list of things I need on Amazon.  Now I can tackle my list without spending any of my own money.  Whats cool about Amazon is that if you order at least $25 worth, then you get free shipping.  I'm not gonna cash in my points with Swagbucks yet because I want to wait to at least get the $25 Amazon gift card.  That way I can get the free shipping on Amazon.  Man, I'm such a coupon, savings, and freebie lover.  I think it's become my hobbie.  I have so much fun going on hunts for freebies and savings that I started another blog called Amazingly Frugal.  My mom was always very smart about her purchases and I'm the same way.  Why buy it in a department store when you can get it way cheaper online or through discount stores??  I used to always cut coupons but when this lady at church came up to me with a pack of coupons, I decided that for once I'd try it.  Whoa.  Guys.  It was only a little bit of coupons.  You know how much I saved when I went grocery shopping without even really trying?  I only cut out the coupons she gave me and planned some meals around it.  $20.  PLUS I got a $1 back.  Don't know how that happened.  PLUS, coupons popped out for an $8 voucher next time I shop. No purchase necessary.  Since I bought so many Oscar Meyer hot dogs through a major deal, I got the vouchers.  So that night I went back to the store to buy some things I needed and got $8 worth for free.  Okay, dang.  If I barely cut any coupons and basically saved almost $30, I'm definitely going to do more!  It's way worth it.  I'm going to kiss Carol next time I see her at church.  Well, maybe not kiss her. I'll hug her!

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Velvet Over Steel said...

Thanks Great!! Thanks for sharing! I spend a lot on Amazon too! Hope you had a wonderful weekend!