Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Caleb is 6 months! Sheesh!

I can't believe Caleb is already 6 months old!  He's such a little cutie.  Always smiling and being sweet.  Well, not always. He's been on of my fussier babies but he has so much attention between his siblings and his parents that he is never bored and it keeps him happy. There is always someone cooing to him or giving him his toys.  I love watching the boys' faces melt whenever they are near him.  They coo at him and call him sweet names while giving him hugs.  Babies are the greatest!  Why do they have to grow so darn fast???  I keep thinking about that. Time flies and flies. I feel like I can hardly catch my breath. 
So, being that we do school all year round in my house, we are in the third quarter finally.  We school through the summer so once school is out for other kids, my kids will be starting the fourth quarter.  It's been great this year and they are fantastic readers.  I'm proud of them!  I love listening to them read the bible aloud during Friday night bible study.  I know those words are hard in the bible and they are reading it well.  Garsh.  Proud mommy.

Wow!  So I've been so, so, so, so busy that it's been hard to keep up with everything.  I need to keep on my system that always worked for me.  A schedule of cleaning.  It worked so well for so long.  When I backed off a little, I noticed that I've struggled keeping up.  I haven't even had as much time to hit the gym and that's a big no no.  I've lost 8 pounds so far this last month but I need to push myself harder. I don't like slacking off like this.  Will get back on track with that starting Thursday.  I took 2 weeks off.  Eek.  Still losing weight though because I watch my calories, fat, etc.  I definitely notice a big difference in my eating patterns.  I NEVER realized how much calories and fat is in so many foods. It's crazy!  Now I don't put salt on my food like I used to.  Oh man, I was the salt queen.  I just find other ways to season my food without adding all that sodium.  Oh, here is another health tip.  It's okay to have canned vegetables but it's a good idea to rinse the vegetables before you cook them because it's packed with sodium.  I prefer to get my vegetables fresh and then steam them but I can't always do that. 

Okay, it's obvious now I do my chores at night after the kids are asleep because now it's 1am and I have to hit the hay.  I did four loads of laundry, put it all away, the dishes, cleaned the kitchen, a bedroom.  So, I'm finally off to dreamland!  Zzzz....

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momto9 said...

before you know it he's a year! And just so you know I struggle with getting things done as wel:) it's universal I guess...just ask any mom!
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