Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I've been finding it easier to clean at night while the kids are in bed. There is just so much to do with them during the day and wherever they go a tornado seems to follow. I know they don't like doing chores but being that they leave messes wherever they go, there is just no way I could do it all. I've tried to train them so many times about picking up after their messes so it doesn't get so hard at chore time but they still are human tornados. So, we still have to have chore time twice a day. I tell them they are my hero helpers. :)  As a family we need to keep the house functional even though at times it may be well, disfunctional.  They do awesome at chore time so I can't complain.  I just wish kids would stop comparing their chore money to each other at church or wherever.  My kids are like "What??? You get paid how much?"  Come on, little guys!  Don't ruin it for me. Their chore money will increase as they get older.  Sheesh. 


momto9 said...

your kitchen looks so cozy with the night light and all clean and with the little baby seat on the counter:) I love going to bed with a clean house behind me and I can so very much relate to the tornado thing:) So by clean at night do you mean tidy up the whole house or actual cleaning like washing floors etc?? Just curious cause clean means different things to different people. I used to stay up late to scrub..maybe I should try that again becaus eI so love jsut being with my kids during the day I always feel like if I clean I waste so much time from being with them doing fun things like the park or paint or playdough or srestling or...the list goe son and on and well....I love being a mom so it's always been very hard for me to balance getting everything doen/having fun with my kids! I have a feeling you can relate!
And why am I on here? I need to go peep potatoes!

momto9 said...

oh my I typed too quick and my spelling is terrible...sorry!

Virginia Revoir said...

Well, it depends how much of a tornado swept through the house! Sometimes I just spend time straightening up. If I only have to time really clean something good, I use my time at night in the kitchen. That's how I leave it before I go to sleep. If I had to pick one room that was in the best shape, it would be that one. I try to mop when they are in bed or sanitize the bathrooms. Kitchen always comes first though. I do my laundry at night while the kids are sleeping too. So it just depends on how bad it got! LOL. If things are generally in order then I use the time to mop or do extras. Otherwise I just have time to clean and straighten up.