Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Soldiers and Princesses

I love it when my kids are creative and play fun stuff together by using their imagination.  We have plenty of dress up clothes from over the years. This time, Ashley got to play (my two year old).  It's so neat because she's finally getting old enough for her and her sister to play together.  We often play Hide and Seek but Ashley will walk around and start talking to someone in hiding.  It's so funny because you won't see who's hiding but you see my two year old standing their talking to them.  You'll hear real quietly "Ashley, shhhhh, don't talk to me right now."  LOL. I need a big costume box that'll hold all the costumes.  I need to work on getting one so it doesn't just get mixed in with the toys.  It's so fun watching them walk around as a soldier or princess.  Some days they are having boxing matches in a ring.  Other days they were hiding in their castle.  Other times they dressed as soldiers, looking for terrorists.  What was so fun (and hilarious) to teach them was broom ball.  We all had brooms in the living room and we were playing hockey style!  Some nights I want to get something done or work on something but I'm learning to just put it down and play with the kids.  Time flies!  That other stuff can wait.

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Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

Or you need a million hooks on the wall for the kids to toss the costumes on when they're done. Cute stuff! :)