Friday, March 12, 2010

Kids Are Funny!

My 6 year old son Kyle just said, "Mom, it wasn't Adam and Eve's fault that they sinned and ate the apple.  They were starving."

The other day Kyle said something funny again.   I came out of the bathroom with a large orange towel on because I had just showered.  Kyle said, "Mom, PLEASE don't let go of that."

Some days, on bad days, I'm not so sure on my choice to have six kids.  Of course I love them like crazy but then there are times that I think they copy things right out of the Calvin and Hobbes book.  Not on purpose, but enough to make me worry at times!  Depending on the day, there are times I say "Oh, six kids is enough for me."  Other days I think it'd be nice to have another one down the road a bit.  So I was talking with Charles by the bed the other day and we were discussing this.  Ryan was sitting right by me.  Just as a joke I said to Charles, "Ryan and I decided that we are gonna at least have 3 more kids."  Ryan looked at me and said.  "Mom, I thought you said you were done with six?"  I said, "Oh, Ryan.  That's just on a bad day.  Haha!"  He smiled and said back, "Well, Mom, words have power."  Wow!  That's exactly what I say all the time.  Be careful what you say because words have power.  Boy, I was convicted.

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