Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Cycling Like a Crazy Mad Lady...puff puff

Guys, I've been so incredibly busy that I have missed visiting all my blogging buddies!  Tonight is library night and usually I go to the cafe and read a magazine by myself for a little bit while Charles is with the kids in the children's section.  Tonight, I have the fat free (adding that in case my trainer sees) cappuchino and taking some time to visit some of my favorite blogs. 

Tonight, at the YMCA, I decided that I am so stinking bored with the treadmill.  I don't WALK on the treadmill.  I do the cardio at max heart rate the whole time and it's a killer.  Still, its sooo boring.  Tonight, I happen to be passing by a spin class just starting.  I popped my head in and asked if I can join.  I've seen these classes through the window but I was always too intimidated to enter because they work so hard.  This time I went in.  I got on the bike and ohhhhhh my gosh.  That was probably the hardest workout I've ever done in my whole life.  While some of these older guys who are totally in shape are cycling, they are asking me questions.  How often do you work out?  How hard do you work out?  What do you eat?  They were all impressed with my 2 hour cardio everyday and my eating habits but I'm not.  My husband said I'm a drill sargeant and I know I'm that way.  That's why I've always loved those summer bootcamps growing up.  Those were fantastic.  After 45 minutes I got off the bike and my legs were wobbly.  I burned 700 calories in only 45 minutes.  You bet I'm going back again!  Then to my surprise they said the class wasn't over.  We do 15 minutes of abs.  Uh oh.  Well, I was game so I did that too.  By the time I was done with all of it, I was looking for a chair.  I forgot to mention that I had already done a half hour of hard cardio work just before this class.  I love a good workout. When I was 110lbs before kids, I was always in the gym almost every day.  I love the atmosphere.  I love the workouts.  All of it.  WONDERFUL!  I could put a bed in there and peacefully spend the night.  :o)

Another thing that's taken so much time is I'm sanitizing the whole kitchen.  Everything is removed from all the cupboards.  I'm counting my pots and pans.   I think I donated about half of it so far.  I matched everything to lids to see what was extra.  Everything is getting bleached really well (the cupboards and floor) and then I'm putting it all back.  It's been nice not seeing such a pile up behind the cupboards. I didn't need that much stuff. 

The homeschooling year is winding down and I'm starting to have to really speed things up.  Several sicknesses while pregnant, then having a baby really got me behind.  So every day they are doubled up on their lessons.  We are spending a lot of time on that.

Soooooooo.... this is all why I can't get any time on the computer to visit my cyberspace friends!  Argh!  You guys are fantastic and can't express to you what it's done for me in the last 4 years since starting my blog.  I originally started to blog because I've always loved to journal.  Then I started finding other families out there that love what we love.  Cherish what we cherish. Have the same goals in mind.  I mean, it's been such a network of support and friendship.  Most of my closest friends I used to go to bootcamp with or school or even church with at one point, all live out of state and not nearby me.  I miss those friendships.  The next best thing is talking with you online and seeing updates of your family.  Even great, I have found some I've never met in person yet they been wonderful to talk to. 


shannon said...

Wow....I am beyond impressed at your attitude and commitment to fitness. Man, if I had half of that drive......let's just my jeans would look a LOT cuter. After I have this baby, I may have to revisit your words for inspiration!
Until then, I will just cheer you on.....and you should take a moment to just celebrate!!


momto9 said...

That's a lot of working out!!! Good job for sticking with it!

Anonymous said...

wow! I got a little tired just reading about the workout...but it sounds great! I can't wait until I can get back in shape! (after baby) Good for you!