Monday, March 15, 2010

Who Can Find an AWESOME Wife???

I changed that of course from the scripture of Proverbs 31. Who can find a virtuous woman? Well, for all that the bible lists are virtuous, that's what I call an awesome wife. LOL.
I ran into a really cool site called A Virtuous Woman.  It's pretty daunting to me at times to have everything perfect as it seems like some women are able.  I have to remind myself that a lot of women (not all of course) have their kids at school during the day and have more cleaning time.  For me, I have six kids at home at all times and most of the waking hours are put into training kids on their certain chores and homeschooling. When it gets to the later afternoon and now I have to prepare dinner and then clean up, well you can imagine.  That's why I know even more how important it is for me to have a schedule.  Not a time schedule.  I hate those.  I mean just a certain order to clean up.  I set certain rules for myself about things I have to do before bed.  Sometimes though, on nights I'm especially tired, I have to really, really push myself.  That doesn't mean I always get it done though. 
I do believe in training kids so that they grow up not being spoiled and having everything done for them.  I know it's sometimes just easier to do it myself but from experience I can say it's just better in the long run to teach them to clean up after themselves.  My mom did put good effort into doing that but she was influenced by many to do it for us instead.  That we were children and we had enough pressures of our own.  We didn't need the added pressure of making our beds or, by golly, picking up after ourselves.  I can't believe how much we had put on our mom to do it all for us.  No wonder why she was so hard at work all the time.  If we had each put our part into the load, it would have been made lighter.  Many hands make light work.  So while it's hard for me training them now, I know it'll pay off in the older years.  Well, at least I'll go down trying.  :) 


Velvet Over Steel said...

Hello again! I love this post and the pictures of your children.. always!!! I miss being a SAHM with a home daycare and kids around ALL the time. Sigh.... Enjoy them, they grow up too fast! :-)

Zsuzsanna said...
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