Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Clever Ways To Clean and Even Exercise!

I've found some fun and clever ways to clean my kitchen really fast when I'm just so incredibly bored that I don't feel like doing it. My husband and kids came up with this really cool game called Swords and Gunners. The team with the guns have to wait by the kitchen sink (yay for me) while the team with the swords go hide. It's very much like Hide and Seek. So after us gunners count to 30, we go on a hunt. Usually all the lights are off and we always stick together. We'll first go into the living room with our guns drawn and turn the light on. The rule is that we have to shoot first before they can touch us with the sword. If we shoot them first, they have to quietly go sit on the couch while we hunt for the rest. The trick for the sword team is they need to be hiding in a spot where they can sneak put their sword out and tap us to get us out.  Here's my clever cleaning part....
While I'm counting the 30 and my back is to the rest of the house, I make it a race to see how many dishes I can wash before I go on a hunt with my partner. I volunteer to be a gunner over and over till my kitchen is clean. So the second time I go count, I'll race to finish what's left of the dishes. The third time I'm usually cleaning off my counters and stuff. By the 4th or 5th time we count, my kitchen is usually spotless. Haha! I find that very fun. Also, when we are all finished, we all get on the floor and do 20 crunches. By the end of the night we have usually done about 100 crunches. This is good for my tummy. Heh heh. Sometimes, even when I'm hunting around I'll be picking stuff up as I go along to bring into the other rooms. I don't let them on that I'm doin that though. :D I only do that if I hunted in that room and there is no one there. While I'm there, I might as well have picked up a few things. So, this is quickly becoming my favorite game. We have fun as a family and the house gets cleaned at the same time.  I'm such a scaredy pants though that when my husband or one of the kids jump out in front of me, I'll be so weak in fear that I'll fall to the floor sometimes.  Then we're all laughing so hard that it takes me awhile to recover!

P.S.  There is another modification to the game.  Guarding the Princess.  I will post on this game soon!  :D

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