Wednesday, February 17, 2010

How Could I Have Wandered Away?

"I love you sink in all your perfections.  I love Flylady more because she's taught me about Sink Reflections and how to make it all managable.  How could I forget?  I have wondered away in the busyness of my home.  My kids may be dragging toilet paper behind them or my girls may be getting into my expensive makeup in the bathroom.....but my sink is doing just fine.  Thank you, Flylady."  Sigh.

Okay, that was my love letter to my sink.  No, it doesn't always look like that.  Several years ago I had blogged about this.  I loved the routine of keeping my sink looking like this.  Even if it means you have to take out the dishes and put it to the side at night so you can shine it then so be it!  Anyway, I got totally distracted.  I'm sorta busy and I had forgotten all about my wonderful routine I loved so today I went back to it.  I told my sink I was truly sorry.  Wow, now that I'm looking, the picture looks like big eyeballs staring back at me.  Weird.  Anyway, I'm surprised he's not mad dogging me.  I promise!  I will start my babysteps and get back into my routine.  :)


Chris H said...

I must admit I love a lovely clean sink too. Stew drives me nuts when he comes home and makes it all grubby.. or leaves water droplets all over the sides! I think I must have OCD sometimes! lol

Sharlene Teeling said...

One of my FAVORITE things in the world is a clean kitchen. If my kitchen is clean than I can relax. But I always start with the dishes first. Because as soon as my sink is clean I want the rest of my kitchen to look as good as the sink!!