Friday, February 12, 2010

Spam Folder Monster

For some weird, odd, and bored reason I visited my spam folder for my email to look at stuff in there. Now, I don't normally have any bored moments but it happened because my kids are all sleeping and I'm too tired to do something odd like wash clothes at midnight. Well, sometimes I do but that's when I'm hyper and can't rest. Anyway, I was visiting my spam folder and I found messages from several people. So, I usually like to respond and I always get my messages left on my blog but for some reason, every now and then, some get put in my spam folder. Sorry to those that have asked me to visit their blog! I'm not a snob, just didn't see your message. Ha ha. They're like "fine, don't look at my blog, you snob." No seriously, I am going to when my eyes aren't half closing. To those I haven't responded to, I'm comin' to visit soon! :D If you are really mad at me, you can order this decal for your minivan (you moms out there.  I know you drive a minivan) and you guys can drive around in protest.  If I notice sales going up for this sticker, I'll know.

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