Monday, February 01, 2010

My Princess in Her Castle

We used to move around at least once a year. We were never happy where we went because we were always renting.  I didn't really care to own.  I loved not having to worry about repairs and such.  I just realized we've been in our home for 3 years next month.  Wow!  Also, I've been blogging for 4 years!  Double wow.  Time has flown!  I'm still in love with my home.  It's my castle.  I love the big, big backyard where kids can be kids. I never had that before renting.  Now, I so wish we had invested earlier in a home.  Young and dumb!  I can't wait to have chickens again and a vegetable garden.  Whooo! 

Today we went to the gym.  My mom had baby Caleb at her house and so we headed to the gym ourselves.  Usually I like to burn 1,000 calories doing cardio but today my legs hurt.  Poopie.  I only burned half of that.  Tomorrow, it'll be different.  I really want to check out the spin class.  You know, I've always loved the gym since I was a little girl.  My mom had us girls in cheerleading when we were little (when it was innocent) and once we got to cheerlead for The Suns during half time.  I remember these big guys running around and a big stadium.  I didn't really care though and I didn't notice as much all the people.  We just went out and had fun.  My mom pulled us out though we it wasn't so innocent anymore.  I'm glad for that.  She's a good mommy. 

We got a new BIG dog.  So now we have TWO great danes.  Both so gentle and sweet.  It'll be tough though in the sense of twice the poop. Okay, twice the Dinosaur doo.  Great Danes are such great dogs.


Sarah said...

Hey Virginia...nice to meet you! Your blog is beautiful! I'm Sarah from Vic, Australia and I homeschool my two children ~ Joshua (9) and Grace (4)! It's great to connect! xxx

Chris H said...

My home is my castle too. Two Great Danes, man you must love dog poop!

Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

LOL Chris always tells it like it is!

The castle is beautiful!