Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Nothing Box

Wow, have these days been busy! I'm need to look for a curriculum that makes it more possibe for me to homeschool 3 boys without working such long hours. As of right now, it take about 8 hours a day which I don't mind, but I like to keep up on house chores and stuff like that. So far, I'm mainly cleaning at night and only maintenence in the day. Gosh, I have to say though. I LOVE BEING BUSY!!! This great book I'm reading called Real Moms, Exploding The Myths Of Motherhood talks about this. It was saying that the difference between a lot of moms, whether or not they want a large family, is how busy they like to be. That is a good point. Most women of course love kids but you have to like also being busy, or at least not minding it, in order to have a larger family. I was busy with two kids. Just in a different way. The dynamic changes. (Potty breaks are still just as short. No more reading on the toilet since I had even one kid). Now, I'm just busy in all kinds of ways. It's a good thing women can multitask or it'd be impossible. That is probably why guys say, "Honey, how do you do it?" They have compartments in their brain. When they are at their job, they pull out the "Job Box". Then they put it away when they are done. They have the Kids Box. The Wife Box. They even have a Nothing Box. What?? No fair! I want a nothing box! Our brains aren't wired that way. We have wires all over the place and everything just connects everywhere. We can just multitask like crazy! Okay, we've been watching marriage videos during Sunday School at church. They are just awesome. I'm so glad he explained the Nothing Box. That's why when you say "Honey, what are you thinking about?" They say, "Nothing." Hmmm.... "Yeah right, Hon! You have to be thinking about something!" Lucky guys. I want a nothing box.

When some of the women were walking around my mom grabbed them for a photo. So it's not all of them. I'm on the far left. :)

My diaper bag I love that has Caleb's name on it.
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