Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Great Outdoors...Indoors

If you notice the picture of Ryan with the bear, Ryan is picking the bear's nose. That's my kid for you. That's a real stuffed bear.

This week my husband has off so we were picking some activities to do with the kids throughout the week. We discovered that Bass Pro Shop has a Kids Night with all kinds of cool stuff such as rock climbing, archery, shooting range, scavenger hunt, prizes, etc. I can't remember them all. So we headed there and it was fun! I think we will visit once every other month and add it to our list of fun family places to visit.

While we were there we decided to stop in at the fudge shop and get a soda and a coffee. Well, the coffee was kind of cold so we let the lady know. She grumpily answered "you'll have to wait 20 minutes". She didn't even stop what she was doing to go make some fresh coffee. I said, "I think instead I'll just get my money back." She ignored me and kept cleaning while we were standing there. My husband said "excuse me." Still no response. I could see that my husband was upset so I said we should just go talk to a manager. We let her know what happened and she apologized, gave us a $20 gift card and went to talk to the lady about what she did. We kept our cool with the lady but I'm so shocked how mean she was.


Anonymous said...

Wow--that looks like fun. Makes me home sick! Good for you on the coffee! I hate when people just think can bully others. You did the right thing!

momto9 said...

What a fun place to visit! And I loved your last post as well. I just love reading your down to Earth blog...so refreshing. I still don't have your kids all straight in my mind....one day when you ahve time could you do a post with a seperate pic of each of them and tell about them under the pic?....One day Ill have them all figured out:):):)
Your baby must have grown so much!

Guess what!!! My baby is WALKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!