Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Busy, Busy Days

Wow! With little Caleb here, the days have been so incredibly busy. I'm learning to appreciate my days and stop worrying about having the clean house. Boy, that's one aspect that changed for me. I've worked so hard on being more organized and keeping things nice that I'm having to now worry about not being so picky about it. I don't worry very much about the kid's bedrooms, I just like the main functioning areas to be nice. STILL, I've decided that we don't have to worry about keeping it perfect and lets just have fun learning and playing in between the two chore times. You should see my living room right now. There are tents all over the place.
In this picture, Kyle came into the room and had the funny idea to pull his shirt up on his head to make this cool mask. Ha ha. Hey, maybe we don't need to worry about a Halloween costume this year for Kyle. We'll just have him walk around like that. LOL. Just kidding. My kids already have their costumes for Halloween.
Going on with the original subject. Now that I'm nursing Caleb every couple of hours and changing his little butt diapers, the days have just been flying for me. Homeschooling has been tougher and visiting my friend's blogs has been even harder. I'm thinking I need to start homeschooling much earlier in the day. Today I woke up with my little snugglebug nursing, it was 6:30am. I realized I should get up for the day but having this little cutie snuggled up to me made it impossible. I dozed off awhile longer in bliss. In our busyness, I love it. I remember the days before I had kids. I would wake up, go to work for most of the day, come home and make dinner, and do different stuff at night. My life wasn't all that exciting. Now, I get to play in tents with my kids! Have different reasons to walk around Toys R Us. Change little cute butt diapers. haha. So cute. Play Candyland or Swords and Gunners with the kids. Make mud mania for the kids outside. Plan a fun family night for every week. There's no way I'd want to go to work and miss all this!
I will get back to my blogging friends soon! I miss sitting down with hot cocoa and seeing how everyone is doing. :D
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