Thursday, October 22, 2009

My Little Elf Goes To Church

Last Sunday pastor had little Caleb Joseph dedicated at church. I was super nervous having to go up by ourselves in front of everyone but we did it! Yes! It was hard. This is our sixth time having a baby dedicated and I still get nervous. You know what it more retarded? I sing on the platform for song service and for a wedding(s). Yet, it freaks me out to go up to have my baby dedicated in front of everyone. When we walked up to the stage, pastor said "Looks like Caleb is all dressed up for church looking like a... a.. well, like a little elf." We all laughed! It was true! He had little pants on with monkeys on the booties and a striped long sleeve shirt with a hat. So he's my little elf now.

I always envision this scenario where as I am walking down off the stage, I trip and fall, the crowd gasps, and I drop my little baby. It's like a nightmare I have all the way up till the baby is dedicated.
So after the dedication was actually over, not only was I happy he was dedicated to the Lord, I was relieved (and Caleb I'm sure) that I didn't fall and trip on my face. Hoot, hoot!
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