Thursday, October 01, 2009

My Favorite Time Of The Year!

It's October first and my heart is singing. :D The weather is cooler, where I live, it's the best time to plant a vegetable garden. I spend my time destressing outdoors. I'm so not an indoors person yet this summer we kept ourselves cooped up from the 110 degree summer weather. My kids actually want to go in the backyard now because it's not blazing hot. Here they are getting down right messy and it's okay with me! Our own little mud mania. You should see what my porch looks like now with dried up mud everywhere. It's not pretty but, hey, kids live here! The floor had to be mopped after all of them came running in to hop into the warm shower. With tons of brown water flowing down the drain, it finally ran clear and they emerged much cleaner. So much fun is coming with not only beautiful weather but some fun holidays also! We always look forward to Halloween (no scary costumes allowed though), Thanksgiving, and Christmas. It's just a beautiful time of the year. :D


momto9 said...

That looks like great fun! We are enjoying the weather too!

Anonymous said...

I can't let my kids see this or they'll want to copy, especially my 2-year-old.