Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Baby Adjustments

With every baby it took a period of adjusting for me. I think I was already starting in one way before Caleb was born. Do you know how many times I set out 6 kid plates for dinner? I did it again tonight. As I was passing out the plates of food, I stood holding one, trying to figure out why the kids all already had one. I did it again. I was holding the plate for Caleb even though tiny little Caleb was across the room in the bassinet. Nursing has been difficult because it's always painful for me in the beginning. Otherwise he's doing great in that department. The little fellow needs to put on some ounces. Right now he is 6lb 5oz. So tiny and ohhhhhhhh so cute. The kids adore him but it is super tough teaching little Ashley, my 2 year old, how to be gentle. I always have to keep an eye out for him. Today I had my son Ryan help me put together the bassinet that is to go in my bedroom. Caleb is staying in MY room till he's a little older. I mean a quite a few months older. Gotta protect the little peanut from two little mommies that want to change his socks and hats every 10 seconds.
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