Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I Just Love Those Comebacks

We went to to the mall a little bit ago to get some exercise and we saw this outside. A super sweet cop car and a firetruck. The firemen were cool to talk to and we even discussed the movie "Fireproof!" That is a great movie. If you haven't seen it, you're missing out. The cops and firemen were having fun with the kids and were giving them stuff to play with. I love the "pursuit juice" in the back of the trunk. So cute. We always run into our friends LaVona and Adan when we are there! It's so funny. They were outside with us too. Either that or we'll run into them at Costco or the bookstore. I guess we like the same places. :) The only thing that is just so incredibly annoying at the mall is all the comments when we walk by people. Ohhhh, so annoying. They'll either count our kids, or say "whoa! Look at all those kids!" The thing is, my kids behave and are quiet walking right next to us in the mall or at the store so it's not like they are drawing attention to themselves. I guess I would be normal if I had 2 kids and a dog.
I HAVE to tell you what happened at McDonalds yesterday! Ha ha! My husband was sitting in the play area with the kids. A man, with only one kid, says to Charles with a scowl on his face, "Wow, you have a really big family." My husband replied (showing emphasis with his hand), "You have one kid? Wow, you have a reeeeeal little family!" I wasn't there but when he told me in the car what happened I was just laughing and laughing. You'll understand this if you have a big family. You hear the comments left and right wherever you go and it's just so funny when you come up with a comeback. Politely said though, but funny!

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