Tuesday, September 08, 2009

36 Week Update

Today I went to my 36 week check-up and a weigh in. Yipee! Everyone woman loves a weigh in! Ha ha. I drove there anticipating my exam (not!) and wondering what my doctor was going to say. I have not had any contractions or even any Braxton Hicks for that matter! I was only dilated to a one which I told her I was not surprised. She asked if I wanted to be induced one week early. Nope. I NEED the element of surprise. I crave it! I did the induction thing once. How boring! I must have been pretty desperate. Besides, I'm enjoying this pregnancy and I feel GREAT! Nothing hurts, nothing is uncomfortable, no swelling. I just feel fantastic. So as I walked down the hallway to the room, the only thing I was dreading was the weigh in. I stepped on that LARGE looming scale. I didn't want to look down but I did. Oh, I couldn't see anything. My belly was in the way. So I tipped slightly, hoping I wouldn't be like a tipping canoe. I gained 3lbs. Yikes! I couldn't believe it. That means I've gained 4lbs this pregnancy. I should count my blessings! One time I gave my friend a hard time about gaining 7lbs in two weeks and then at my very next appointment, I found out I did the same thing. Ha ha! That's what I get for teasing her. I just think I have a fear of scales. After we discussed issues of induction, I left and drove the LONG drive back to my house. I drive far for this awesomely beautiful angel for a doctor. She asked me if I was all set. House wise and packing wise. Nope. I have a whole list of things. I have to get my kid's bags packed for the house they are staying at. My good friends will be caring for my five kiddos! Wow! Bless her amazing heart. I'm so very glad I won't be delivering this little pumpkin with five kids in the room watching like my friend had to. She had all her four kids in the room because she had no sitter! :D It's just called procrastination on my part. I hadn't thought about it till now. It's all taken care of though. So I'll be delivering little Caleb without a cheering section of little guys. Either that or a grossed out section with kids having nightmares later. I'm just glad it's working out.
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