Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Chore Ideas For Kids

Like I was sharing with one of my blogging friends, out of desperation I HAD to come up with a chore system to where we can work together as a family rather than me cleaning all day and never being able to enjoy my kids. This way, when we work together, everything is done SO much faster. Growing up as the baby of the family, my older sisters and mostly my mom would do all the work. It's taken me 10 years to finally come up with a system we can stick with and actually runs smoothly. I really love it.
I color code their chores and so they can quickly go to their chore cards. All the chores, except for making the bed, are done at 10am and repeated at 5pm. I make it age appropriate (through trial and error. Ha) so it's manageable.

I don't worry about toys being out during the day. When these things are done in the morning and late afternoon, we just worry about homeschooling and playtime in between. Otherwise I would just be one frustrated mom trying to make sure everything stays nice in between!

I have Virginia's After Lunch chores
and Before Bed (which is my short evening chores). It's not anything major but it makes waking up the next day smoother. I'm not really spraying down the whole bathroom when I say sanitize. I just take sanitizing wipes and wipe down the toilets, counters, and bathtub. I have to with boys. Can get gross fast. Also straightening the bathroom and making sure everything is put away. I don't like laundry being left out so this way it forces me to put it away and not let it pile up. So it's only 4 things I have to do before I can go to bed. That's my evening chores I talk about.

Since all kids need reminders, sometimes even for the obvious, I post what they are to do in detail! My kids will brush their teeth, not rinse out their toothbrush and then leave on the counter.
Also, we follow the Duggar's advice and have our kids wear their pajamas for 3 nights before they put them in the dirty hamper and get a new pair. (Unless there is of course an accident which is rare.) That's why it says for them to put their pj's under their pillows in the morning.
I always love great ideas so if you guys have any, please share!!! I'm still forever in the learning process and love to get ideas from others.

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