Monday, September 14, 2009

Hurry, Hurry, Hurry...

Sometimes at night I will sit and think about my day. Even when I rush into the bathroom to go potty. (I say that like a kid). Why am I rushing? Rush to make dinner. Why? Whats the rush? Hurry, get in the car. Don't take so long brushing your teeth or taking a shower. At the end of the day, with my head on my pillow, I ask myself "What's the rush?" Why do I WANT to rush? I think we see everything in a goal setting. What we forget, is tomorrow is gonna come and we're gonna do the same thing. The day after that. What is the real goal here? Why can't I slow down while making dinner and eating at the table? Why can we just walk to the car together and talk to each other? Why can't we just enjoy our shower or they enjoy their long bubble bath? Will I just wake up in the morning and have another list of accomplishments I must complete? For what? Accomplishments ARE good to have. But sometimes we set too much at one time. We say we want to enjoy life, enjoy our kids, our grandkids. We talk about "someday". Why not now? After reading "In Praise of Stay At Home Moms" by Dr. Laura, I realized that I needed to slow down and not worry about the perfect house. (Don't worry, mine was never perfect). Instead I could sit down like I did this morning and play a card game with Chaz. Or show the boys how fun it is to do a puzzle together like we did today. Charles came home after work and showed all of them how to play the game of Risk. Lets just have fun, take a breath, and enjoy each beautiful day. As if each day doesn't just flow into the next. Imagine that someone knocks on your door and you sign for a package. In that package is one day. What are you gonna do with it? Fight? Complain? Rush? Make more lists of things to do? I think I'd like to sign for that package, take it inside, cut the twine, open the paper, the box, and cherish what we decide for just that day. We can have our chores, some accomplishments, but why not some fun together? After all, I don't want my tombstone someday to read "She kept the house clean." When I took the pictures above, Ashley and Ivy were suppposed to be sleeping but they came out of their rooms with swimsuits pulled over their pajamas. They were giggling so cute together, I had to watch them play and hold hands together for awhile before sending them back to bed.
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