Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Diggin' Ditches

In case you're wondering, I didn't force my kids out in the backyard to do this. I heard all the kids in one spot by the back patio and and I went out to see what's going on. They all had shovels and were working hard at digging. They said they are looking for buried treasure. Kyle here (below) told me that this should be his new chore. He really felt like he was doing an honorable service for this family which explains this picture.

You are never too young to start according to some countries! Ashley here at only two is proving herself useful. It was either she does this or no dinner for the evening. Ha. Just kidding. She went right along with the boys digging away. Luckily we have kid size shovels we had gotten from Home Depot. There were plenty of shovels to go around.

Ivy's job was to find the "treasure" once more dirt was hauled away. Every few minutes or so, one of the kids would come inside and beg me to make this their daily chore. Ummmm.... no. One hole in the backyard by the patio is enough for me to avoid falling in as it is. Plus, digging ditches can become quite a chore I assured them.

I gave Kyle a box (below) to put treasure in so he could actually have buried treasure. So he put 10 pennies in there and went to work covering it up. As you can see, the kids were working even after the sun went down. Talk about dedicated. Now, if only I can convince them chores are just as important.... They've never saluted me like they did in that first picture! Ha ha.

Being kids, they really couldn't wait till the next day to dig up the treasure so it was done immediately after it was buried. The kids actually got really excited. :D

The girls were busy patting down the loose dirt to make things neater. The boys making a mess while doing their duty. The girls, making the mess seem so much nicer. :)

YES!!! We found the TREASURE!!!! Job well done guys....

So after Kyle got out of the shower, he put his digging ditches clothes back on. Even his dirty socks and shoes. I said, "Um, I don't think so Kyle. Take those clothes off and hop back into the shower." He just stared at me with wide eyes. Then cried. He couldn't believe he got all dressed again, just to take off his dirt filled clothes and get right back in the shower! So cute.

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Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

LOL Ya meanie! I don't suppose the kids realize that you're not on the coast and the liklihood of finding pirate treasure... well... it's not likely.