Sunday, September 13, 2009

(((((The Espresso Gene))))))

Except that my kids don't need an espresso. That would actually do the opposite effect and calm them down! No joke! I think all my kids stopped napping at 2 1/2 years old exactly. They go from morning till night, just happily spinning in circles around each other or me. I like free puppies. So the threat of this sign would not even apply to me. I'd be like "whatever." Big factor here though, I NEVER leave my children unattended. I've had enough experiences with my kids (and the ER) that it's when you take your eye off of them that someone's getting into the makeup, feeding the dog their dinner because they feel sorry for him, sucking a forbidden popsicle behind a door (because they know you can only have one after lunch or dinner time), another kid looking for the highest point in the house they can jump from, etc. I just can't name them all here. The boys, it's more physical stuff. With my boys it's like having Spiderman living in our house. On any given hour of the day, you can be walking down the hallway and look up to see one of my boys hiked up the wall with their feet spread apart. They put a foot on each side of the hallway and climbed their way up. Then they'll be really quiet so when you walk underneath them, they can yell "BOO!!!!". That's when I look up at the and scream. The girls are just sneaky in other ways. I don't know how many times I've caught the girls in my makeup, my new lipstick, nail polish. Yes, I do train my kids and don't let them just get away with forbidden stuff, but it's a daily process. You don't just train them for one week and say, "Well, I guess we've covered that. We should be good until highschool where you might need a refresher course." Ha, I wish! But no, even when we are at church, our kids are next to us at all times. Pastor can say it a hundred times. "Parents, you need to keep your kids with you at all times and not them them just run around everywhere." Still, you'll see kids in the parking lot, out by the street, in the foyer alone, or in the bathroom alone. I've had a few follow me out to my car while we are leaving. "Where's your parents?" I'll ask. "I don't know". I don't know how people do that because I'm so protective that I imagine all kinds of evils. There could be a boogerman in the bathroom. Even if that guy in the bathroom looks like a nice man. A car can run a little one over in a parking lot, the kid can fall into the street or run out into it. When you turn your back they can get snatched. So my kids are extensions of my body when we are in public. As far as hyper kids vs. calm kids, James Dobson says that usually how you were as a child, your children will be. So if you were the really hyper type AND your husband was really hyper... MOST LIKELY YOUR KIDS WILL HAVE LOTS OF ENERGY. Boy, did that turn out to true. There are a few couples at our church that are so much the calm type, all the time, that they have really calm kids JUST LIKE THEM. I can't imagine what that would be like. I could have like 15 kids if mine were like that. They even talk quietly. Amazing! I'm still really hyper so my kids must've got that espresso gene from not only my husband, but an overload from me. My friends say that pregnancy usually makes women tired but it only makes me normal. Haha. Do your kids have the Espresso gene?


Daddy Forever said...

That sign cracked me up.

In our family, my oldest son and youngest daughter are the hyper ones.

momto9 said...

An espresso family here:) eventhough I don't drink coffee.

Anonymous said...

Where was this sign posted?

Virginia Revoir said...

I don't know, the picture was sent to me so I loved it. :)

Yeah, we're an espresso family too but it just runs through our veigns! Ha.