Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Kyle's 6th Birthday!

Yesterday, on Monday, was Kyle's sixth birthday. Kyle says "Thank you Nana and Papa and Grandma and Granddad for money gifts to be able to go to Toy's R Us and buy my soldier suit!" He's in heaven because he's been spying on that costume for some time. Since my kid's birthdays are all two weeks apart starting in July, we have birthdays going on for about 2 1/2 months! The next birthday is Ashley's in two weeks and baby Caleb is due two weeks after that. Then Charles' birthday. Crazy! LOL. I can't believe it happened like that. We will be staying busy with birthdays and a birth at least till middle of next month. Then it's Halloween! Nothing ever gets boring around here. The video is funny because we put candles that keep relighting on his cake. We didn't do it on purpose, we just accidentally bought those one. Poor guy! He finally got them out in the end.

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