Monday, September 21, 2009

Missed My Blog...

My internet was down over the weekend so I missed my blogging! :) All was not lost of course. Haha. I just missed blogging about things the kids say such as;

Ivy my 4 year old- "Mommy, does Caleb drive a car?

Mommy- "Um, Ivy no. He is in my tummy still."

Ivy- "Well, does he at least drive a little car in your tummy?"

Or here is Chaz my 9 year old. My oldest;

Chaz- "Mom, are you feeling uncomfortable at all?"

Mommy- "No Chaz, I'm feeling great. Why?"

Chaz- "Well, I really can't wait to see what Caleb looks like."

30 minutes later!

Chaz- "Mom, is your tummy hurting at all? Are you having baby Caleb now?"

Mommy- "No, my tummy isn't hurting at all (only sometimes). He'll come when he decides, Chaz."

30 or so minutes later!

Chaz- "Mom, I prayed right now and God told me that Caleb is gonna come out today. How are you feeling now?"

This goes on all day till he goes to bed! Then he comes in my bed in the morning, waits for me to wake up and starts the questioning all over. My goodness! Caleb, please come soon for the sake of Chaz. If you're ready of course. :D


Chris H said...

That's so cute! I can't wait to see wee Caleb too!

Anonymous said...

I feel like Chris H's stalker. Everywhere I comment tonight she's been there first--too funny! I love Chaz's questions--that is one awesome big brother! And I really the family time that you all spend together. Very, very special!!!

Virginia Revoir said...

LOL, that is funny Bonnie! I'm so busy right now I haven't been able to read blogs and that's my hobby! I will be back around soon.

Anonymous said...

That is so sweet :)