Sunday, September 06, 2009

Killing Our Creepy Visitors

Remember one of my posts where I told you about the scorpion in my girl's room? Well, we see them all the time. Also, spiders and other creepy crawlers come right underneath our door. We especially see this problem in the summer. Well, my neighbor who has no kids puts down some pretty powerful poison around her house that is too dangerous for kids so I'm not able to do that. It's been pretty annoying so we spent the weekend staying out of the house while the poison of bombing does it's work. 5 hours at the mall!! Oh goodness gracious. I'm not a shopaholic (even though I looove clothes like most girls) and so I was bored pretty fast there. We went into the Lego store and while I was sitting in the front seat of the stroller, because my legs hurt, I saw a family of eight walk in. "Ooh, instant friend!", I said. I hopped up and went to go talk to her. She has six kids under the age of 8. She homeschools. She even knows a friend of mine. Small world! So we talked for about a half hour and exchanged numbers. I looove running into families like mine because, believe me, in the mall you get glares and stares. You get comments such as "Look at all those kids! Oh my!" We bigger family moms gotta stick together! Ha ha. Actually, I think we have a medium size family but in this day and age, 3 kids and a dog is considered big I guess. After the mall, we headed to McDonalds to pass more time (make sure those buggies are really getting it). Charles and I were goofing with our cell phone camera. That's my sweety! I had no clue when we were dating that I was with a guy who would love having a family so much. We were so much into each other we never talked about it really. We both express our relief that we found each other. Our marriage isn't perfect, but we're more than each other's love, we're best buddies! So hanging out all day, being forced out of our home for so long, we just took our tribe and hung out together. Thank goodness Charles is such a fun guy to be around! Most guys loathe the mall or even MD's.


momto9 said...

I hope all those creepy things DIE and leave you alone!...the day with your hubby and kids sound great!

Anonymous said...

I thought I had a big family! Just kidding. I hate things that crawl or fly. Glad to live in a country with no snakes after growing up in Texas. Charles is a gift and you better hang on to him--my Dad once said about DH that he is the cream of the crop. Charles is too. We're blessed!

Virginia Revoir said...

I'm definitely hanging on to him. :) We ARE blessed for sure.