Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Hairy Scary!

I was sharing today with some of my Facebook friends that I always loathe hair cutting time for the boys! It gets hairy, the boys all cry. Don't let them fool you here in the pictures! I'm a lot faster at doing it now but you would think they were all getting spanked or something!

*Kyle here (at the top) is smiling. He's smart though. He wanted me to get his done right away so he can go play. Interesting thinking.

*Ryan was last and believe me, he tried to make a run for it! Can you tell by the face? Ha ha!

He's my comical one. He's always playing pranks on me. I don't know if he's just testing out the strength of my heart or what. It's either a bug he puts in front of my face, or faking that he's seriously injured. Or telling me as we drive off in the van that we forgot the baby at the house. He keeps me on my toes! He's also the one I get scared of in public.

Ryan used to think all men with white beards were God. He got all my kids thinking that too. Here's a funny scenario for you. One time as we're getting out of our van, an elderly man with a white beard got out of his car a few spaces down in the parking lot.... with crutches. My son Ryan's Yells:

"HI GOD"!!!

"LOOK GUYS! THERE'S GOD"!!! (By now, all my kids are waving telling "God" hi)

Then Ryan sees the crutches.

"Oh, God has broken legs".

"Look guys, God has broken legs!"


At this point I was finally able to get near Ryan and tell him that he was not God and to please stop yelling across the parking lot. The elderly man did not find it funny and just gave my boys a dirty look. This thing with men having white beards being God lasted for some time. It's always Ryan that I have to hush because he always has to point out something about someone. Ha ha. It's funny now but I've had a lot of blushing moments for sure.

So here is my 3 boys with their haircuts. They just got out of the shower so their hair is wild. Boy are they proud they survived another hair cut. You can't tell in these pics how much they hate it. Believe me! Then there is just hair everywhere to clean up.... but it's worth it. I hated their long hair! Now they won't stop staring at themselves in the mirror...
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