Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Oh, To Have The Wisdom of Solomon!

Sometimes I wonder how to balance, keeping the home, homeschooling, and play with my kiddos. I don't want to be that mom that couldn't stop wiping a counter to be able to stop and listen for a little bit. Even if the child that's talking seems to be babbling about something incomprehensible.
I know that paying attention now is the key to when they are older and they want to discuss more serious issues. I do talk to my kids a lot but when you have five that want to really talk a lot to you, your ears can sometimes fall off! :D Being mom is like having to have the wisdom of Solomon to solve problems with each other. Sometimes I'm like "Man, I don't know what the right thing to do is in this situation." Sometimes there is just one kid who needs some time of correcting for awhile. Like they are stepping out and challenging you. You really focus with them for a couple or few days only to have another decide it's their turn. I love being a mom but I when I pray, I ask God to give me discernment and wisdom! Goodness gracious! I feel short of it sometimes. The other day my husband and I were talking about time with each other. When he comes home, we are so happy to see each other that we can just talk and talk for a really long time. I mean, even on the weekends, we can do that for days. It's like back before we had kids, everything else around us just disappears. We have to be careful of that because we are a family unit! It's not just the two of us! You see, there are so many things you have to juggle it seems as a parent and spouse that I can only hope that I don't have hundreds of regrets later. It's scary sometimes. One thing we are bringing in to our daily routine is learning the virtues in the bible.
This month is about Honor. At bedtime or after dinner, Daddy reads the proverbs in the bible that correlates with the date. That has been really enjoyable, especially out of the Children's Bible. They are really picking up on it. I want so much more to be a Christian family at home more than just on Sundays. In the efforts of trying to help my children grow in the Lord, I didn't realize how much I was helping myself. :)


Daddy Forever said...

Love the pics of you and the kids. I have to admit, sometimes I tune the kids out when I'm tired. I'm a bad dad.

momto9 said...

I feel like that often too....I wonder if all moms do?!
BTW your daughter looks so much like you! Such pretty eyes!