Sunday, August 30, 2009

Went To Church Alone But Ended Up With a Date

(Ha ha. I love the title. You'll have to read on). Today, on Sunday, my husband had to work. He's probably done that maybe twice in 10 years because he hates to miss church for something like that. Since it was an emergency, he was working at his project and had to miss both services. Anyhoolahoo, I didn't want to miss church just because my husband isn't there so I thought I'd better just be brave and bring my five little ones with me. Two kids? Three kids? No problem. Five is a little more scary for me. Here is a good reason why. Little Ivy gets these ideas in her, or she misunderstands what I say and does something embarrassing like this example I'm gonna give you. About 3 weeks ago I told Ivy during song service that when papa gets off the stage and sits down, she can sit by him. He is part of the platform singers. She THOUGHT I said "Go sit by him right now". So before I could react, Ivy went walking out of our row of chairs and right up to the platform to sit by Papa! I was horrified and so embarrassed because I knew I had to be the one to go get her. My goodness! With a red face I walked up to the platform and took Ivy by the hand from my dad and led her back down. She was just smiling not understanding why pastor and everyone was smiling too. So I really have to keep an eye on my four year old. Everyone thought it was cute but I was embarrassed! Ha ha! (It's funny now, not then). When you have more to look after, going to retrieve one of them is a little harder. I never let my kids walk around the church by themselves, they always stay by my side. So back to my point about going alone today. It went well, I loved that time with my kids sitting with them during service. :D Yay! We even came back without daddy again for the night service, of course. We go twice on Sundays and once on Wednesday nights which is also my ministry night.

So after the morning service, since my two older ones were going to their friends house, the twins, I only had three with me while loading up in the van. The parents pulled up and said they also would like to also take Ivy. Um okay! She was excited. Then they saw Kyle and said he was welcome too. "Wow, are you serious? Okay. You sure??" Then they saw Ashley and said she could come. I said no to that one just because Ashley takes big naps and needed one. Ha ha. So driving home with just Ashley, do you know what I did? I called my hardworking honey bear at home and asked if he'd like to go on a date with me and take a lunch break from his designing project. He said yes! So we ate somewhere together with just little Ashley. Then we went home and I took a huge nap just before heading back to church. It was just a great day. :D

p.s. I have to say though, that when my kids aren't with me, the house is waaay too quiet. It's kind of weird and it quickly makes me miss them. When our kids are gone like this my husband and I both realize how much we like having our size family.


Anonymous said...

What a sweet story and how nice to have a break this afternoon. You'll have to bake brownies or something wonderful for that family.

Daddy Forever said...

Cute story. Wait until you go to church with 26 kids.