Friday, August 14, 2009

Can I Teach Your Kid To Swim? Hee hee...

We went swimming about a week ago and I forgot to post! I love watching Charles with the kids. :D Such a fun daddy. My mom was there of course and got in with the kids. It was a pretty day to splash around! I love that Chaz and Ryan can swim on their own. You know, I used to pay for lessons at the YMCA but when they still couldn't swim after two years, I taught them. It took me all of 10 minutes to show them by going a few feet from the edge and making them swim to it! Wha-la! Anyone need to enroll their kids with me? Hee hee.... Now they are fishes and swim all over. Man, I should get paid to do this for a living. I wouldn't want to get paid by the hour because the kid might learn it in just 10 minutes. Ha ha. Kyle can actually swim too but when we have this many kids in the water at a bigger pool, I make him wear his vest for safety. Baby Ashley has a cute pink vest too.

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