Monday, August 10, 2009

Guacamole Night

Last Friday night we were so happy because our church started up Bible Study every Friday night again. We usually go but sometimes they have breaks for awhile. So, the kids were happy about going and we went to the store so I could buy all the things I needed to make a guacamole dip. It's actually pretty expensive to make for just a small bowl. After making the dip at home we drove about 20 minutes away, pull up in front of the house and there are no cars! We're like "Wow, we made it before our bible study leader even." Our friends come out of their house to tell us it had been cancelled that night! What? We just stared for a second. They said that the leader and his family had cancelled because they were going out of town and forgot to tell us. LOL. We were so embarrassed! Well, we were mostly bummed because we were looking forward to bible study. So we headed back home.
But here is the funny part.... (and kind of gross)
As were heading home, I told everyone they have to all eat guacamole dip because it was expensive to make and it's not going to waste. "But mom!!! We don't like that stuff!" I told them, "Well, you're gonna at least try it buddy. All of you." The first one to climb up on the chair was my almost 2 year old, Ashley, to get a chip. She only takes one chip out, without trying the dip, chokes a little on the chip and throws up! Right next to the dip. My husband runs out of the room along with all the kids so they could hide. I said, "No problem guys, I can take care of it." I was gonna be brave about this. I grab a hand towel and throw it over the throw up. As I go to pick it up, the throw up just oozes down between my fingers and onto the floor. I said two words before I lost it. "Oh gross". Everyone gets quiet to see my reaction. I ran to the sink and started throwing up. My husband is laughing really hard. In between laughing, he is heaving and the sight of Ashley and I. Then ALL my kids start heaving! They are all surrounding me, asking if I'm okay, and heaving. I had to put the garbage disposal on twice I was throwing up that bad! LOL. 1o minutes later, my husband is still laughing and heaving, trying not the throw up, but still laughing. It was so chaotic in the kitchen between all the laughter, heaving, and throwing up. After I was done, brushed my teeth, I was laughing with all of them! After I calmed down I said, "get in there guys and eat some guacamole! "OHhh mommmm!" They go back to the now clean table and I hear "oh gross! There is throw up in the chip bag!" I ran and grabbed the bag. By this time, Ashley is all cleaned up too. I said "Lucky you, I have another unopened chip bag." We spent the next half hour laughing and eating chips and guacamole. Charles opted out though. He was just too grossed out. But hey, my dip wasn't wasted! What a crazy night.
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