Monday, August 17, 2009

Furst Dae Uf Homskull!

Haha.... love the title. :D This picture is of my boys at their homeschooling class they attend every Friday for their extra curricular stuff. They absolutely love it there. The kids that attend there are just amazing!
So today is our official day of homeschooling. There were a lot of bugs to work out in the system and it's gonna be fixed finally today. I have been homeschooling the last week to get a little head start. I originally started in July but then with all the sickness I had (that had nothing to do with pregnancy), I reluctantly had to put it off. Other than my sicknesses, this has been a fantastic pregnancy! Super easy. I rarely even feel pregnant most the time so it makes taking care of the household feel "normal". LOL. You know how sometimes when you're pregnant you just feel blah? Or tired? I never feel that way so it's just been an enjoyable experience for me. I love my doctor and love my 3D ultrasounds I get every two weeks. It's just been so neat! Anyway, homeschooling takes me about 6 hours a day so I have to get crackin'! It's so nice to be able to sit with each of my boys everyday and have that personal time with them. I would like to incorporate bible study into it with them before we start each day. Maybe pick a subject for a week and study that with them. I love having my boys home with me each day. :D I guess I don't like to share! Haha. Time is just too short and they grow up too fast.
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