Monday, August 24, 2009

Dear God... Please Let This Be a Better Week!

Last week was a really, really, really, really, really, really hard week. No joke. So much happened. I fell out of my normal cleaning routine, which is at night after kids are in bed. The day times are just too busy to be focusing on cleaning because of homeschooling, diapers changings, child training, la dee da. You know what I mean. I LOVE all that but the joy is taken away when you have to clean, clean, clean in the middle of all that. So I learned a neat routine at night so when I wake up, the house looks fantastic and I only do maintenance stuff. Well, since my husband gets up so early now, I'm getting tired sooner at night. So I just need to start my routine sooner. I'm just really thrown off guys.

ANOTHER thing is my laptop is not working for now. Ivy was drinking milk, not right next to it, but a little bit aways. Actually, she was a safe distance away and not being crazy or anything. Her milk spilled and it literally jumped far over to my laptop! The keyboard was covered but I didn't know right away. I only saw the milk around the laptop. So now when I try to type, letters get stuck and you get a nnnnnnnnnnnnnn for a long time and it just goes and goes. Ivy told me sorry. I know she wasn't being careless and she wasn't even next to it. One thing I've always been proud of with my kids is that they are really respectful of how they treat their things. They are not destructive in any way. I've trained and trained this with them rather than just copping out and never getting them toys. But I was sad about the laptop because it's also my homeschool computer. :( So that won't be happening this week. I can just hear the kids now. "Yessss! No school this week!" Ha.

So another bummer was Ivy falling and hitting her chin so hard you could see her bone in her chin. I hope the scarring is not too bad. :(

This picture is of a scorpion I found in the girls' room!!! Good thing I saw it in the day time! We smashed that sucker. Good riddance. That is freaky that it was in my girl's room though. Dumb bug.

This week I am gonna devote my mornings even more to God. Like giving our tithes, our firsts tenths of our earnings to God, I want to give the first of my day to Him. I do usually but sometimes I wake up and I'm so busy I just start getting things done and getting breakfast and stuff. I know though that giving my day to God rather than me at the steering wheel is the best thing I can do. God is my strength. He even gives joy in the most mundane of tasks! I love being home with my children! I love that He's given my husband a job where I can see him more in the day. I love that He has provided for our needs in the roughest of times. (Not talking wants). For that, I'm so grateful.

"Lord, I give this week to You. Help me to put you first in my mornings and every aspect of my life. In the words I speak, the thoughts I think, and help me to be a true listener to people who need an ear just to listen. Help me to honor my husband in his decisions and please help me to find joy even in the most tedious of tasks. I pray for peace in my heart and in my mind. Thank you for entrusting these children in my care. I want to bring them to you everyday. I love you! Amen"


Anonymous said...

Amen sister! Blessings on you for a good week.

momto9 said...

A scorpion in the bedroom? YIKES!!
Here is to a good week ahead!

The K Family said...

Yikes, what a week!! It doesn't make it any easier when you you're pregnant.

Hope things begin to get better for you and your family.

Having a scorpion in the house is scary!!

Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

YOWIE! "BUG??" That is scary stuff.

Daddy Forever said...

I hope Ivy is better. I know how you feel about your laptop problem. My last one died when rain in from the window and got into the keyboard. I forgot the window was open until it was too late.