Friday, August 21, 2009

Another Eventful Night at the ER!

Guys, I know my life is full of events, challenges, joys, setbacks, despair, fun, and craziness..... but don't be jealous! I know you wish you could spend all night in an ER with your kids and one crying baby. I mean. Who wouldn't? Ha ha. No seriously. On the way to the hospital, with Ivy holding her chin, I told Charles "Man, my life was so boring before kids." Here is what happened:

Kyle and Ivy were running in the house, which is all tile, and Ivy tripped up. She landed on her chin. She came crying to me and I saw her bottom teeth bleeding. She put her hands up to her face and then they were just drenched in blood and all down her chest. I went to go clean her mouth thinking that was where the blood was coming from and Ivy was just screaming and screaming. That's when I saw her chin and ((shudder)) something white. It was the bone in her chin. I, trying to be the cool and brave mom, jumped from fright. Which was nice for Ivy since she was already scared. To top it off, the boys came in and said "Oh my gosh. GUYS!! I THINK IVY MIGHT DIE!!!" Then Ivy started screaming louder. When I told her she wouldn't die, not to worry, the boys started to tell her what the doctor was going to do and that he was gonna give her shots and stitches. I was trying to yell above Ivy and the boys, who were also yelling, to tell them to stop scaring Ivy. They weren't trying to, they were just freaked out too. I could hardly get a look at the ouchy because Ivy was holding her chin. She saw the hole herself and was hysterical. Charles was gone and I called him on the cell. He was home in 15 minutes. I told Charles that it could be him or me that took her in to the ER. Ivy is real close to him so I knew he would go. Well, I forgot that this family does EVERYTHING together. (I can hardly go pick up milk at the store by myself). He insisted that we ALL come even though we'd be in the waiting room. It was already really late. The kids and I had to get up at 5am. So off we headed together because, by golly, we do everything together! Thankfully Ivy fell asleep on the way there. When we got there, to the world's awesomest ER, they took Ivy in right away. The kids and I stayed in the children's area for the next few hours. They had a TV in there and I had to keep changing the channel because of all the crud that kept coming up in front of my boy's eyes. We don't have a TV so commercials of ladies in their bra and underwear is shocking to us. (Shouldn't it be?) Finally Ivy came out and Charles told me how it went. She had 10 stitches with 1 inside because it was so deep. Ivy was hysterical till she saw the male doctors and then she was just smiling away the whole time she was there. They would talk to her and she would just smile and smile at them. Thank goodness for male doctors because it kept her smiling at them and still so they could give her stitches. They didn't have to restrain her in a scary way because they have a way of doing it where kids don't know. They offered her a pretty gown that had no arm holes. Also a pillowcase like blanket to go over her that was cute too. She didn't know they were restraining her arms. Then a nice male doctor, who she liked, was holding her head and talking nice to her. She she was super still. She's 4 and she flirts. Goodness gracious. She'll see her doctor in 5 days to remove them.

Ivy is showing me her stitches here but Ashley was not to be left out.

Ashley wanted me to take a picture of her chin also so she came up to my camera. LOL. You can see my dad and Ashley blowing kisses at each other.

My dad and mom came bearing gifts for the wounded... and of course for baby Ashley too. :)


Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

Ohhhhhhhhh... That was worse than I thought. Poor girl!!

Chris H said...

Now THAT is a nasty wound! Poor wee girl. I would have been freaking out too if it was my kid!
Flirting with the doctors eh? Little minx! *smiles*

Khris said...

awww thats one nasty looking least she has the sense to flirt with the right people...LOL
Hugs Khris