Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Another Birthday!

Yay! Another birthday. It's the time of year I look forward to for the excitement of the kids but I am scared at the same time. My boys are growing taller. Their language skills are better so they don't say "battabies" instead of "batteries." They ask about more complicated issues. They don't want to really sit on my lap anymore. If I kiss them on the cheek, they look around to see who saw. Thank goodness I still have some babies at home! I tend to be more protective of the boys and Charles more with the girls. All my kid's birthdays are two weeks apart so we've now celebrated 3 and in two weeks will be Kyle's and two weeks later, Ashley's. Then two weeks later, little Caleb is due. So it's a busy time for us! :) I'm so excited about meeting Caleb I can hardly contain it. His little sweetness and small fingers and toes. Sigh. Having kids truly is the greatest treasure there is.
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