Wednesday, August 05, 2009

August Birthday for the Boys!

Being that my boy's birthday are all in August, we trucked over to one of our favorite places we don't go that often. Amazing Jakes! I personally love the buffet of course. :D We got the birthday package for the kids so they were able to ride unlimited rides and play games till they close. The usual pass is only for 3 hours. So we were there for 8 hours! We invited our friend Roger and his little girl and boy. Ivy loves Elizabeth so they hung out the whole day together and so did Kyle and his buddy. My mom and dad joined us later. Somehow, with all the videos that I had, the one where we are singing Happy Birthday to the boys got lost! So that video above was missing it. :( I was hanging out with the little girls all day since I had to watch them. The place is pretty huge so it was hard to find the boys! We all had such a blast!

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Daddy Forever said...

Happy birthday to your boys!