Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Life After Games

I'm not one of those people that are AGAINST games. I love games myself. However, having Autism in the mix can shake things up a little and make things difficult. When you have a kid that that has a mind that is extremely obsessed by games. Eat, thinks, breathes games to the point of starving himself because he can't imagine doing anything else, it can make life tough when games are pulled from him. Even when I had time limits. He would pace and obsess until it was time again for games. Even if it wasn't till the next day. I couldn't talk to Chaz about anything else because it was like he was in a zone. Anyway, after painting that picture for you, I think maybe you'll understand why I sold both our game systems. So what do we do now? Life is a little different. I did take the time to find kid friendly, learning type games on the computer. Like PBS KIDS and stuff like that. They have a link to all of them on the computer. So this is what our family has been up to since Life After Games!

Kyle has learned that he LOVES puzzles. He has taken this one apart three times to redo it again. I'm a puzzle lover myself so this is awesome.

Handcuffing their little sister is another way to pass time......

The boys have discovered how much they love my absolute favorite comic Calvin and Hobbes! They'll sit and read it for a long time.

Homeschooling takes me about 7 hours a day so that's where a lot of my time goes. It WAS easier when I could work with one kid and the other kids would be playing games. It was SOOO much easier. But the price to pay was just too high so I have to find other ways. Trust me, I felt like crying when the game systems were sold too. It was worth it though. :) I got my Chaz back.
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