Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Somewhere Over the Rainbow...

Ashley here is seriously concentrating on looking at my Country Living magazine. I'm serious. She was into it for like 30 minutes. Do you know what made her look up and smile? Her daddy just walked in the door! I don't know why I get the Country Living magazine. Maybe it's because I daydream about living in the country. I do all the time. I wouldn't want to be waaaay out in the sticks. Just far enough away to where I'm not right in the city. I would like to be able to easily drive back into the city. As I was laying there in bed the other night, Charles starting talking about something. I said "shhh, I'm trying to read what kind of land and pasture is necessary for raising horses." After about a half hour he said "what are you reading now?" I was reading what kind of lambs are great for not having to shear. This is a big city girl who just dreams and dreams! Some of you blogging friends just make me drool by your beautiful pictures of the area around you!
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