Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Celebrating Ivy's Birthday with Nana

Since my mom was in Seattle on Ivy's birthday, we had them over to celebrate Iv's birthday again. My mom got her this cute little dress so of course we had to put it right on her. I love summer dresses on girls. So cute! As soon as Ivy saw my mom, she wanted to show her the new girl's room. I haven't painted it yet but I think I'm gonna follow my sister's advice and paint it a really light green. (Like a lettuce green). So we went to Home Depot and picked up a sample called "Tinkerbell" in the Disney paint. She has so much pink already in her room, I don't want to also have pink walls. So I can't wait to go at it! Maybe this week? That would be great. I really, really, really, really hate white walls. :P

Oh, this video on the top is cute. It's the Sunday they came over for Ivy. Ashley loves saying her "goodbyes" so we had to catch it on video saying bye bye to papa.

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