Thursday, August 27, 2009

Please, Please, Please Tell Me It's Because I'm Pregnant

This is my sweet husband after working hard on an early morning shift. He came home and passed out like that and Ashley just snuggled right up with him and read a book. She loooooooves books.

I caught Ashley surrounded by all these books on the floor quietly looking at pictures with a sticker in her hair. Ha.

My friends, I've been an emotional basket case lately. One moment, I'm at peace and happy homeschooling the kids and the next I'm crying. Big alligator tears. I'm up one moment and then I crash really hard the next. I don't get upset like that in front of the kids but I go into another room. My son Ryan is super sensitive to stuff like this and he can't stand it when he catches me crying. I can sniffle a mile away and he knows it. He's so sweet. He'll find me and cuddle up to me for a long time without saying anything. (He's gonna make a great hubby). I've been like this for a little over a week and I'm hoping it's just pregnancy stuff! Goodness gracious. I promise that normally I'm a very happy person. I've even been saying stuff without thinking. My poor husband will be like "what?" Then I bumble like an idiot trying to explain it correctly. I know what I meant to say and I think my mouth incorrectly decoded what my brain was thinking. Then I have to hug Charles and apologize (for the tenth time that day). Oh, Jenny, please come back. This crazy pregnant lady is ruining things for me. I don't want to end up on the couch tomorrow night.
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