Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Raising Adults vs Children

You know how we say we're "raising children?" I was thinking about it. We don't say we're raising "seeds", we say what we're raising. Whether it be corn, watermelon, tomatoes. I don't want to raise children. I want to raise competent, God fearing, family loving adults! Ha ha. I think if I raise them up to be video game lovers, then I would probably be raising children. Do you see those guys sometimes who you can just TELL they are video game lovers? They're in their 30's, still not married, they are wearing Star Wars t-shirts, with beards, glasses sometimes, and a nice little gut in the front. Sure enough, most of the time, I see them at game places. When you talk to them, all they seem to care about is the next game that's coming out. When Star Wars came out, these grown men with beards were camped out in tents 2 days prior in front of the mall, with TV's, and Star Wars gear. Some were even battling it out with fake light sabers. Soooo, my whole point of this is that this is what I fear I'm raising. Raising children. I want to raise adults! So Charles is seriously contemplating getting rid of games all together. Even though we control their game times, they tend to watch the clock and drool till they get their next game time. Have mercy! I've got to get a handle on this now before they start getting growing beards and getting a little gut in the front and carrying light sabers. I really want them to WANT to work when they are 16 or 18. Or go to college if they desire. The day my son comes home for a Thanksgiving meal wearing a Star Wars shirt and a light saber on the side, holding tickets to the next big sci-fi, I'll just faint.

This is a picture I snuck and took during church of my parents behind me. My mom knew what I was up to and quickly covered her face! Ha ha.


Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

Ok, I have to do this....

Virginia is raising old people who serve the LORD!

Looking ahead. :]

Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

Posted on this! Come visit!